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TersoSLIM shower channel

For line drainage in a floor-flush, tiled shower area, for wall mounting in screed

MEPA TersoSLIM is the other type of floor-flush showers used during renovation of old buildings and in new buildings. Especially for the growing number of old-building renovations, comfortable solutions in the sanitary area are quickly mounted already at an installation height from 80 mm. Your advantage: The TersoSLIM shower channel can be shortened at the customer by 5 to 80 mm. Furthermore, expensive special solutions no longer apply. The shower channel is pre-coated by the factory and can thus be directly tiled. Only the external sides of the TersoSLIM shower channel are sealed, because the channel itself is impressed in the stainless steel sheet.

  • height-adjustable
    • 120 mm
  • installation height from to
    • 80 - 200 mm
  • high drainage capacity
    • 0,5 l/sec
  • length
    • 800 mm
    • 900 mm
    • 1000 mm

TersoSLIM shower channel

art. no.


scope of delivery

straight channel body made of stainless steel with centre drainage connection, with front sealing companion flange on its long side and wall connection flange at the back, pre-treated with primer for direct sealing, height-adjustable mounting feet, horizontal bottom drain outlet DN 40, removable odour closure (siphon seal water height 30 mm), mounting accessories and fastening material

technical drawing


The wall and floor connections of the TersoSLIM shower channel have to be fully sealed with a compound seal which is regulated by the building authorities (evaluation class A).

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