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Short chronicle

More than 50 years of sanitary products. More than 50 years of innovations. More than 50 years of experience.

All this is reflected in the history of the company. You will find here and in our company chronicle the most important milestones and what the company MEPA stands for today.

Images from MEPA’s history: You can also see employees, locations, fair stands, advertising materials and products as a video slide show.

1963 – Company foundation

In Rheinbreitbach near Bonn, the master craftsmen Willi Pauli and Leo Menden found the company as a classic workshop for heating and sanitary installation. From the start, the high standards of quality and the consistent orientation to the wishes of customers have been the cornerstones of the philosophy of the company founders. This has not changed until today.

Willi Pauli and Leo Menden with their wives.

1969 – First visionary ideas

It was an innovation, the first height-adjustable tub base, which for MEPA marked the transition from a workshop to a producing industrial company at the end of the 1960s and which revolutionised the installation of bathtubs for craftsmen.


1975 – More room for innovations

MEPA’s success makes an expansion of capacities necessary. The company moves to today’s location in Rheinbreitbach. Here the office, production and warehouse area is clearly extended several times in the following years.


1987 – Modern pre-wall technology

As one of the first German companies, MEPA develops a system for sanitary pre-wall installation in dry construction. This technology enables a faster, more efficient and clean renovation of the bathroom. In the same year, marketing of electronic flushing systems begins.

Latest MEPA VariVIT wall-mounted installation systems

1994 – New subsidiary plant

A new subsidiary plant comes into being in Pegau near Leipzig. An own plastic injection moulding manufacturing is set up here. At the same time, production and marketing of industrial prefabrication of pre-wall installation systems begins.

1995 – Modern premises

Within the bounds of a comprehensive new building, a new office building and a training centre come into being at the company’s headquarters in Rheinbreitbach.

1997 – Investment in electronics

With the acquisition of the Dipl. Ing. Robert Kühnel GmbH in Vienna, the company extends it core competences by the sanitary electronics sector. The investment in this future technology enables MEPA now to independently develop and produce sanitary-electronic solutions for the private, commercial and public area.

2003 – The Air-WC

With the Air-WC, MEPA brings to the market a cistern with added value. The innovative product has an integrated odour extraction which discharges “polluted air” via the flushing pipe from the WC thus ensuring consistent hygiene within the bathroom.





2006 - The first MEPA cistern

With the concealed cistern, MEPA introduces an independently developed and produced cistern for the first time. A significant milestone in the company's history.

MEPA Air-WC with the latest UPSK A31 and UPSK R11

2009 – The first shower channel for wall mounting

MEPA ushers in a new era with the design of floor-flush showers. Because with the innovative TersoWALL shower channel, the entire technology is housed in the wall for the first time. The desire for a continuous tile pattern in connection with an almost invisible water run-off can now be satisfied at last.

Latest shower channel TersoWALL

2012 – Innovative bathtub and shower tray rim sealing tape

With MEPA Aquaproof, a completely new bathtub and shower tray rim sealing tape celebrates its premiere significantly simplifying the installation of permanently watertight joint configurations of shower trays and bathtubs. The characteristic feature is an elastic and flexible sealing surface. It ensures that a stress-free and custom-fit sealing of the bathtub to the building body is dead simple - even in the corner area.

2015 – Surface flush plate MEPA Mondo

The range of flush plates is extended by a new, independent design. As a stylish design element, the surface flush plate Mondo attracts all the attention in the bathroom. The large-scale flush plate consciously stages itself and thus stands out from the classic design of surface flush plates.

2017 – Mounting frame SF – the tub base of today

Showers become more and more shallow. With the mounting frame SF, the tub bases from the pioneering company MEPA have been best positioned also in this trend segment right from the beginning. The mounting frame makes it possible for shower trays to be installed comfortably from above. Everything is readily accessible. And now there is a new generation available in addition which is even more versatile. With the extension kits extra high & ultra shallow, it can be used with installation heights from 55 mm to up to 230 mm. And thanks to new corner crossbeams with flexible corner foot adjustment, also processes lying in the corner are no problem.

2018 – Electronic WC flush plate Zero Lumo

Zero Lumo, the new flush plate with glass design surface for contactless operation of the concealed cistern Sanicontrol A31/B31 pre-mounted in the VariVIT pre-wall system, is unique. This novelty combines innovative functions with representative design that leaves nothing to be desired. Specialities: In addition to flushing actuation, Zero Lumo can also control the odour extraction integrated in the MEPA Air-WC. And as the cisterns with integrated flushing flow throttle are now also setting new standards, the pre-wall installation with VariVIT is getting another quality boost.

2020 – New mounting frame simplifies installation of mineral cast tubs

Mineral cast tubs have a quite high dead weight. For its mounting frame SF Mineral Cast, MEPA has therefore developed the innovative EasyMove slip band, by means of which the tub is simply slid over the mounting frame. The positioning of the infinitely height-adjustable feet is freely selectable, cutting off the profiles is possible without disassembly of the frame. When the situation requires it, e.g. to make room for a drain, the profile can be notched.

MEPA mounting frame SF Mineral Cast

2021 – nextVIT: New generation of pre-wall installation with innovative details

With nextVIT, MEPA has introduced a future-oriented pre-wall system with innovative details for quick and easy working. The focus here is on assembly techniques enabling a significant reduction of the use of tools by means of easy connect solutions such as “clicking instead of screwing”. With its basically revised pre-wall frames for WC, washstand and urinal and a new rail and extension system, nextVIT moreover presents itself as a multi-faceted system which offers great design freedom and can be used for all installation situations.


2023 – A new milestone in MEPA's history: powered by REHAU into a success-ful future

From now on under the umbrella of the REHAU Group, but still as a legally independent and owner-managed family business, Reiner Pauli has repositioned MEPA for the future. While MEPA is said to be one of the leading manufacturers of innovative sanitary technology, the independent family-owned company REHAU with its Building Solutions division is one of the leading providers of system solutions for drinking water installations and domestic drainage. This means that the product ranges of the two companies, some of which also jointly market system solutions, complement each other perfectly. This constellation enables MEPA to significantly strengthen its expertise as a system manufacturer by expanding its product portfolio and to give a new boost to the further development and expansion of its business.

2023 – Aquaproof bathtub sealing tape system: new generation celebrates its premiere

The new Aquaproof. Thinner. More flexible. Even better.

With its numerous components and additional products, the new Aquaproof generation is a complete system that provides sanitary professionals with a permanently secure all-round sealing. Regardless of whether the bathtubs are installed in the classic surface-mounted installation with brickwork, partly embedded installation or floor-flush mounted bathtubs: A suitable system solution is available for every common installation situation with or without shelves, which also ensures easy handling because the bathtub sealing tape is 35% thinner than its predecessor.

MEPA today - Modern structures under the umbrella of a global player

As part of the REHAU Group, MEPA - Pauli und Menden GmbH continues to operate as a medium-sized family business with locations at the company headquarters in Rheinbreitbach and Pegau near Leipzig, whose expertise is trusted by sales partners and customers throughout Europe. Systems for the stable, soundproof and watertight installation of bathtubs and shower trays, prewall systems for dry and wet wall construction and sanitary electronics for washbasins, toilets and urinals are produced and marketed under the MEPA corporate brand. What is more, there are also coordinated system solutions in which MEPA products are combined with REHAU products. Completely in line with the new slogan: powered by REHAU.