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By purchasing our products, you have opted for high-quality and innovative sanitary solutions.

All produced components are component parts of an assortment which was tested many times. During the process, important is attached to using high-quality materials such as stainless steel, aluminium, galvanised steel and special plastics. Since we are convinced of the quality of our products, we grant our customers various guarantees in addition to the statutory warranty:

30-year quality guarantee* for the tub mounting technique

We underline the continuously high quality claim with a 30-year guarantee for almost all products in the area of the tub mounting technique. The guarantee covers possible defects which are due to manufacturing or design faults. You will hardly detect such defects with MEPA, but should this ever be the case, installers will be on the safe side with our extended guarantee.

* according the MEPA guarantee terms (PDF)

10-year installer guarantee* for cisterns

The MEPA cisterns meet high demands regarding sound insulation, excel by a fail-safe, durable discharge valve technology and have a high-quality and easy-to-fit equipment. And this is why MEPA grants a 10-year installer guarantee for Sanicontrol A31 and B31 cisterns when the cistern was installed by an expert technician.

* according the MEPA guarantee terms (PDF)

5 years on-site service* for cisterns

During the first 5 years after manufacture, our MEPA service staff will replace a faulty component of the concealed cisterns A31/B31 with a MEPA-PiD on request directly at the customer's site. There is no expense for the installer - and of course the service is free of charge.

* according the MEPA guarantee terms (PDF)

25-year spare parts supply*

Spare parts deliveries for concealed cisterns A31/B31 with a MEPA-PiD are guaranteed for a period of 25 years after manufacture; for concealed cisterns without MEPA-PiD and for Sanicontrol brand taps and electronic controls for a period of 10 years. But in case of product improvements or changes, we reserve the right to replace and supply spare parts by new, improved components.


* according the MEPA guarantee terms (PDF)

MEPA factory customer service

The MEPA factory customer service actively supports all installers Germany-wide. It provides support in all technical matters which occur when using MEPA products. Using our own, specially trained technical staff, we ensure steady, fast and satisfactory support on site.