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MEPA Primer Spray

sprayable adhesive for the preparation of non-primed surfaces

colourless synthetic rubber in a spray can for optimal adhesive strength, suitable for absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces. Range approx. 25 m at a spraying width of 10 cm

MEPA Primer Spray

art. no.


scope of delivery

1 Sprühdose


Primer spray to achieve optimal adhesive strength with non-primed surfaces. Should the surface on which the tub rim sealing tape MEPA Aquaproof is applied not have been pre-treated or not coated with a compound seal, we recommend to prepare these surfaces with the Primer Spray. This increses the adhesive strength and ensures optimal hold. Substrate preparation: The substrate must be load bearing, firm, permanently dry as well as free from dirt, oil, wax, dirt and loose components. The relevant standards, guidelines and recommendations apply as well as the generally recognised rules of the technology. Processing: Cover the tub before use so that not primer cant get onto the tube surface. Safety data sheet: See Download Centre on www.mepa.de.