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Bathtub installation

Bathtub installation technology


Wall-mounted installation

flushing systems

Electronic flushing systems

WC & Urinal

WC & Urinal actuations

Tub rim support

Perfect rim support

A strong programme for bathtub rim support of steel and acrylic tubs. In connection with the relevant tub bases, the tub anchors serve for exact positioning and sound-absorbing anchoring to the surrounding walls of the bathtub. During the process, they support the bathtub rim and fix the tub rim soundproof to the wall.

The wall rails offer the possibility of wide-ranging rim support and counteract the high stresses to the tub rims. Gaping, torn silicone seams at the tub rim are thus a thing of the past. Several plug fixations ensure a very good force distribution which is optimal when mounting lightweight walls. The adjustable clamping frame ensures contact pressure towards the wall. By means of a knurled nut, the locking is effected quickly and without tools.