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Product overview

Bath and shower tray installation technology

As a pioneer of shower tray and bathtub feet installation technology, MEPA offers perfect solutions and full design freedom for installing a lot of tub models. Whether a spacious bathing complex for the ultra-flat designer shower made of acryl or steel, whether a square, pentagon or a quarter circle, whether at ground level, or partly embedded.

MEPA offers the suitable solution with bathtub and shower tray feet and systems which streamline professional installation and create the required free space. Long-term experience and competence guarantee practical solutions. Convince yourself of the MEPA bath and shower tray installation technology.


Wall-mounted installation

An idea more versatile

VariVIT, the wall-mounted installation system in dry construction, is a complete system that leaves nothing to be desired. A few mounting parts and one profile offer a large number of possibilities in sanitary planning. Both for the private and public area. The combination of this modern wall-mounted technology with user-oriented special elements, such as the Air-WC or the Step-WC, opens up greatest-possible free space when implementing customer wishes.


Intelligent flushing systems and technology

Intelligent flushing systems and technology

More than 50 years of experience of the MEPA - Pauli und Menden GmbH are reflected in the Sanicontrol electronic controls. The long-standing experience, the competence and know-how in the area of development and production of electronic flushing systems offer the user innovative and intelligent flushing systems for many fields of application.MEPA offers electronic washstand taps, urinal controls and automatic WC flush controllers which have state-of-the-art electronics making an important contribution for the hygiene in (public) sanitary facilities and saving great amounts of water and energy for the protection of our environment.


Flush plates for WC & urinal

Jewels for the dream bathroom

The MEPA flush plates present themselves with a consequent design and a demanding design language. Whether in a modern or classic design, they emphasize elegant accents in the bathroom - whatever style is preferred by your customer. Sophisticated in terms of function, quality, material and care, the MEPA actuations are an attractive element for every bathroom design.


Spare parts

Long-term spare parts supply

We manufacture according to highest standards and have a great demand on the quality of our products. It is not uncommon that bathrooms equipped with MEPA are used over a service life of more than 15 to 20 years. However, should spare parts become necessary, we offer a comprehensive spare parts management.