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Washbasin frame for furniture washbasins

prefabricated mounting frame for furniture washbasins

The modular VariVIT mounting frame for furniture washbasins adjusts to ever bathroom situation: it can be shortened to a system construction height of 85 or 100 cm and is suitable for washbasins up to more than 200 cm. Whether with built-in, built-under or top basin, as a single or double washbasin (see notes under technical details), they offer many possibilities for individual interior design.

  • height-adjustable
    • 240 mm
  • installation height from to
    • 0 - 240 mm
  • construction height
    • 120 mm
  • construction
    • dry construction
  • properties
    • standard wash basin

Washbasin frame for furniture washbasins

art. no.


scope of delivery

Mounting frame made of sendzimir-galvanised C-profile 38/38/1.5 mm, height-adjustable feet supports, threaded bolts M 10, soundproof MEPA wall panels G 1/2, drain pipe clamp DN 50, HT syphon bend DN 50/40, connection cross-sections that can be shortened to adjust the construction width, accessory E for single installation against a solid wall

technical drawing


In order to realise system construction heights of 85 cm and 100 cm, this mounting frame can be shortened at the top at the customer. Then the accessory: straight lug, Article No. 542002 is required twice. In order to install furniture washbasins, the mounting frame for foldable grab rails is additionally required. Depending on the required construction width which is contingent of the pitch dimension of the fastening points of the furniture washbasin, the foldable grab rail elements have to be fastened or mounted using 2 additional supports.

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