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Flush plate MEPAzero Lumo design, dual flush technology, partly embedded

for mechanical or automatic actuation of the WC-flush with MEPA concealed cisterns, for manually or automatically controlled fan actuation of MEPA Air WCs

Material: Glass / plastic, Dual flush technology, Dimensions 240 x 170 x 11 mm, Operation from the front, for partly embedded mounting, Flush plate without mechanical push buttons, Buttons can be recognised by electric arcs, Buttons get illuminated while approaching, Button illumination, white, manual or automatic flush, Dual flush when manual flush actuation is set, large and small flush volume can be separately adjusted, Single flush when automatic flush actuation is set, floating terminal contact for manual flush actuation through e-button, manual or automatic fan actuation with MEPA Air WC, Fan performance can be controlled in 6 steps, Fan run-on adjustable in 3 steps: 1 min. / 3 min. / off, Child-proof function: Flushing stop with several quick flushing actions in succession, Night light function: The intensity of the push button illumination is controlled depending on the ambient light, Cleaning stop: Automatic flush actuation can be turned-off to clean the flush plate, Hygienic flushing function: Hygienic flushing interval time adjustable from 24 h – 240 h (in 24-hour increments), flushing actuations adjustable from 1 – 10 flushes per hygienic flushing interval, Emergency power supply from battery, enabling up to 10 flushing actuations, Low battery display, manual operation through capacitive surface, automatic operation by electronic infrared proximity sensor, Protection class IP44, Infrared actuation range adjustable, plug connections protected from mixing-up, 230/24 DC mains operation

  • material
    • glass
  • flush mechanism
    • automatic
  • flush technology
    • dual flush technology
  • properties
    • contactless control

Flush plate MEPAzero Lumo design, dual flush technology, partly embedded

art. no.


scope of delivery

Servomotor-based driven lifting mechanism for the outlet valve, IR remote control for setting all functions, Fastening frame, 1 push rod, 2 spacer bolts, Suction device for dismounting the flush plate, Lithium battery 6 Volt, type CRP2, Fastening material

technical drawing


not suitable for concealed cisterns type B31 and type E31, Partially recessed installation only in conjunction with flush plates, type I, mounting frame, dependent on material, the dimensions of the flush plate with glass surface may slightly vary, Mains operation for MEPA Air-WCs through mains connection of the Air-WCs, Mains operation for Sanicontrol cisterns through external concealed mains adapter (not included in the scope of delivery, article no. 718 376)